Guided Meditation: Immigration

A few years ago, our family collected household items to help Afghan refugees relocating to our hometown. A local organization needed dishes, furniture, linens, and toiletries for several apartments. We worked with neighbors to outfit the kitchen.

Since then, immigration has become a hot button topic politically. Children can’t help but overhear adults complaining about floods of people crossing the border or calling for greater resources to help resettle refugees. They also see images of families from war-torn countries fleeing the violence and wonder what will happen to them. And they wonder whether there is anything they can do to make a difference.

Invite children to reflect on the theme of ‘immigration’ with this guided meditation recording, or listen to the recording yourself and then use the transcript to guide children in the practice.


Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. (pause)
Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Once more, breathe in (pause) and let it out. (pause)

Imagine that you are moving to a new country because it is no longer safe to stay where you are. (pause) Your family can only bring a small bag of items from your old home. (pause) What do you choose to bring? (pause) How do you feel about leaving so many things behind? (pause)

As you cross the border into your new country, you stop and look behind you. What do you see? (pause) How do you feel? (pause)

Then you turn and look forward. What do you see? (pause) How do you feel? (pause)

Your family finally arrives at your new home and you begin to wonder about your new school. Imagine you are standing outside the school building. (pause) Walk toward the front door. (pause) How do you feel? (pause)

Walk through the door and down the hallway to your classroom. (pause) Step through the doorway and look around. (pause) How do you feel? (pause)

See your new classmates smiling at you. (pause) See welcome signs on the wall. (pause) See people ready to help you. (pause) How do you feel now? (pause)

Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Open your eyes when you are ready.




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