Useful Stuff

Awaken ancient forms and play within them,
Sift gold amidst the wreckage of your slumber;
Renew your passions, maybe Pinterest pin them,
Tell that one toxic friend, ‘Yo, lose my number.’
The day is clear, a new day is aborning;
And so are you, perpet’ually. Gmorning.

– Lin-Manual Miranda, Gmorning, Gnight!

Want to talk about climate care on a nature walk? Wondering how to meditate with your kids? Need a resource for practicing lament after a death? You’ve reached the right place.

Our tools are research-based and tested by real families with real kids in the midst of messy real life. You’ll find hands-on materials and guides for engaging spirituality. No matter your experience or knowledge base, this stuff provides your how-to.

  • Exploring Identity with Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers

    Sexism, racism, and classism are hard concepts for children to understand. Kids have a strong bias toward fairness and equal treatment.

    Counting Kindness with Kids

    Countless families and children become refugees when extreme poverty or violence force them to leave their homes. The journey to a new land is often long and hard.

  • Seeing Differences through Eyes that Speak to the Stars

    Children are often curious about differences. They wonder why someone has red hair instead of brown like them, or stands instead of sitting to use the toilet.

    Exploring Diversity & Community with Luli and the Language of Tea

    Children from several nations gather in a playroom while their parents learn English as a Second Language next door.

  • Movement Meditation: Justice

    Children long to make a difference in the world around them. From their earnest commitment to fairness as preschoolers to their persistent questions about right and wrong as elementary kids,

    Dreaming with Dreamers

    Dreamers, by Yuyi Morales, follows a mother and her young child as they immigrate to the United States and begin to make a new life together.