Useful Stuff

Awaken ancient forms and play within them,
Sift gold amidst the wreckage of your slumber;
Renew your passions, maybe Pinterest pin them,
Tell that one toxic friend, ‘Yo, lose my number.’
The day is clear, a new day is aborning;
And so are you, perpet’ually. Gmorning.

– Lin-Manual Miranda, Gmorning, Gnight!

Want to talk about climate care on a nature walk? Wondering how to meditate with your kids? Need a resource for practicing lament after a death? You’ve reached the right place.

Our tools are research-based and tested by real families with real kids in the midst of messy real life. You’ll find hands-on materials and guides for engaging spirituality. No matter your experience or knowledge base, this stuff provides your how-to.

  • Practicing Gratitude

    Gratitude may seem like a natural attitude, but studies show it is primarily a skill that children learn from others.

    Learning about Self & Others with The Garfield Movie

    We often wonder what pets are thinking and feeling, especially when they do something that seems odd or silly.

  • Imagining Wellbeing with IF

    Studies show that around 65% of children develop imaginary friends (IFs) before they are seven. These sometimes quite colorful characters provide kids with companionship and support.

    Herb Garden Spirituality

    My son’s favorite plant in our garden is chocolate mint. He says it smells like a Girl Scout cookie.

  • Jitter Stick Spirituality

    My kids have always been pretty good about settling down to do their homework. But after a half hour or so,

    Passover Explorations

    Looking through photos, I found several of my family celebrating Passover with friends who are Jewish. They would invite us to join them for their seder feast and explain the various prayers and practices as they occurred.