Useful Stuff

Awaken ancient forms and play within them,
Sift gold amidst the wreckage of your slumber;
Renew your passions, maybe Pinterest pin them,
Tell that one toxic friend, ‘Yo, lose my number.’
The day is clear, a new day is aborning;
And so are you, perpet’ually. Gmorning.

– Lin-Manual Miranda, Gmorning, Gnight!

Want to talk about climate care on a nature walk? Wondering how to meditate with your kids? Need a resource for practicing lament after a death? You’ve reached the right place.

Our tools are research-based and tested by real families with real kids in the midst of messy real life. You’ll find hands-on materials and guides for engaging spirituality. No matter your experience or knowledge base, this stuff provides your how-to.

  • Exploring Miss Quinces

    Summer can often be a time of celebrations and reunions as family members and friends travel to see one another.

    Exploring Gods & Grief with Thor: Love and Thunder

    My family rarely misses a Marvel movie, and the new Thor: Love and Thunder is no exception.

  • Talking about Ukraine with I Hate Borsch

    Earlier this month, UNESCO added borsch, the national soup of Ukraine, to its list of endangered cultural heritage items.

    Exploring Power & Perseverance with Minions: The Rise of Gru

    The new Minions movie has much of the silliness you expect from the Despicable Me franchise. 

  • Reading What Do You Do with a Chance?

    Taking chances is risky. Some children can’t wait to explore the unknown. Others prefer familiar structures and routines.

    What Do You Do with a Chance?

    Identity Discussions with Alice Austen Lived Here

    Sam and TJ have learned a lot about ‘Dead Straight Cisgender White Men’ in history. So when they have to research a local historical figure for commemoration on Staten Island,