Raising Spiritual Kids

I hope in hallways and
parking lots you can take
A moment to breathe
To loosen your shoulders
And know it is okay
To not know everything.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

Are you struggling to talk about BLM with your kids? Do you feel helpless when your child throws a tantrum? Have you wondered how to interact with imaginary friends? You want to raise spiritual kids; kids who have inner purpose and an outward calling to do justice. But you’re not sure where to start.

We’ll equip you with data-driven content for braving tough conversations and exploring your child’s imaginative world. Together, we’ll learn to ignite our children’s spiritual passions and encourage ethical actions.

  • Sit Spots

    Now that school is back in session, children have much less time to spend outdoors. Pressure to prepare kids for standardized tests has resulted in shorter recess periods.

    Reexamining Humility as a Spiritual Virtue

    Growing up, I was frequently told that good girls should be humble. I was expected to hide my intelligence and avoid conflict because it wasn’t ‘becoming’ for a girl to debate ideas or express disagreement.

  • How Gratitude Builds Community

    We hear a lot about supply chain ‘issues’ right now. Store shelves are emptier than in pre-pandemic days. Online shopping results in more ‘out of stock’ messages than usual.

    Helping Children Explore Rules

    No running in the house. Look both ways before crossing the street. Treat others with respect. These common family rules shape our children’s lives.

  • Visible Spiritual Thinking

    My kids used to love puzzles that involved figuring out an unknown object from a close-up photo. They developed a set of basic questions they would ask themselves to narrow the options.

    Talking with Kids about the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

    Since the Supreme Court decision last month striking down Roe v. Wade, the news is full of stories about what the ruling means for women and girls.