Raising Spiritual Kids

I hope in hallways and
parking lots you can take
A moment to breathe
To loosen your shoulders
And know it is okay
To not know everything.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

Are you struggling to talk about BLM with your kids? Do you feel helpless when your child throws a tantrum? Have you wondered how to interact with imaginary friends? You want to raise spiritual kids; kids who have inner purpose and an outward calling to do justice. But you’re not sure where to start.

We’ll equip you with data-driven content for braving tough conversations and exploring your child’s imaginative world. Together, we’ll learn to ignite our children’s spiritual passions and encourage ethical actions.

  • Talking with Kids about the Chiefs Parade Shooting

    Nearly a million people were celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs and their Super Bowl win when shots rang out,

    The Science of Gratitude

    “Tank you” said my daughter’s two year old friend as I passed out cookies to everyone in our neighborhood playgroup.

  • Fridge Spirituality

    My refrigerator is covered in activity schedules, a recycling calendar, family photos, and children’s art. Anyone walking into our kitchen would get a pretty good picture of what interests us and how we spend our days.

    How Social Media Works

    When my friend’s children want to find a new book to read, they turn to TikTok. The app lets them search for videos about popular fiction similar to other books they’ve enjoyed.

  • Resolve to Learn Together

    People of all ages make personal New Year’s resolutions. Adults resolve to be more patient, develop an exercise routine,

    Santa Spirituality

    For many families, Christmas is – in whole or in part – a cultural rather than a religious holiday.