Raising Spiritual Kids

I hope in hallways and
parking lots you can take
A moment to breathe
To loosen your shoulders
And know it is okay
To not know everything.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

Are you struggling to talk about BLM with your kids? Do you feel helpless when your child throws a tantrum? Have you wondered how to interact with imaginary friends? You want to raise spiritual kids; kids who have inner purpose and an outward calling to do justice. But you’re not sure where to start.

We’ll equip you with data-driven content for braving tough conversations and exploring your child’s imaginative world. Together, we’ll learn to ignite our children’s spiritual passions and encourage ethical actions.

  • Cueing Spiritual Language

    When my son was learning about lower case letters, he got into an argument with his preschool teacher about the letter ‘t’.

    3 Kinds of Spiritual Engagement

    A couple of weeks ago, I observed a group of children in a local day camp program. The leader asked them to identify their five senses.

  • Please Don’t Praise the Kids

    “You’re so smart!”

    These three words come easily to mind when children do or say something that demonstrates intelligence.

    Gay Pride Spirituality

    It’s Gay Pride Month, and families of all sorts are celebrating diversity. Colorful rainbow flags attract children’s attention and appeal to their sense of fun.

  • Modeling Gratitude

    “Thank you.” Two simple words we teach children when they’re small and hope they will use often.

    Giving thanks is one of the most basic spiritual practices a child can learn.

    Talking with Kids about the Uvalde School Shooting

    A school terrorized by an active shooter. A classroom of children injured and dead. Teachers killed trying to protect their students.