Supporting Families

We will not be turned around or interrupted by intimidation
Because we know our inaction and inertia
will be the inheritance of the next generation.
Our blunders become their burdens
But one thing is certain:
If we merge mercy with might and might with right,
Then love becomes our legacy
And change our children’s birthright.

– Amanda Gorman, from The Hill We Climb

Are you a teacher, counselor, or community leader committed to helping families grow and thrive? Tired of outdated materials and want research-based resources that boldly anticipate current issues confronting children and families?

We’re rethinking how to actively team up with families in the spiritual care of children. We’ll help you shake off old habits and techniques that just aren’t working anymore. And, using the latest data, we’ll invite you to build on what is working. We’re in this together.

  • Pathways to Wonder & Awe

    The first time I saw flying fish, I was overcome with amazement. They looked like silvery stars twinkling in the waves as they leap away from a boat wake.

    Meaningful End-of-Year Recognition

    Awards ceremonies are often a major event at the end of a program year. Some children eagerly await them,

  • Everyday Rituals

    When we think of rituals, we often recall major life or religious events like weddings, funerals, baptisms, bar mitzvahs,

    Helping Kids Understand Symbols

    Symbols are all around us, but sometimes they can be hard to understand. We need to know something about their cultural context and the stories that surround them to comprehend their meaning.

  • Creating Resource-Rich Spiritual Environments

    A child’s environment has a huge effect on their lives and, consequently, on their spirituality. The things and people around kids become resources for everyday experiences,

    The Importance of Play

    Play is a major part of childhood. Kids run around outside, hiding from one another, racing, or kicking a soccer ball.