Guided Meditation: Housing Insecurity

Before the pandemic, churches in my city would take turns providing overnight accommodations for persons without regular housing. My family would help serve dinner and hang out with the kids playing games. One time, we brought the ingredients to bake cookies, something they rarely got to do because they didn’t have a kitchen of their own. Everyone had an especially good time that evening.

The idea that someone doesn’t have a place to live is hard for children to understand. However, in time they learn that apartments and houses cost money and not everyone has enough to get one. That still doesn’t make it right, but they wonder how to fix things. They are eager to imagine ways that they can make a difference

Invite children to reflect on the social justice theme of ‘housing insecurity’ with this guided meditation recording, or listen to the recording yourself and then use the transcript to guide children in the practice.


Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. (pause)
Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Once more, breathe in (pause) and let it out. (pause)

Imagine that a nearby hotel is being turned into a shelter for those without a permanent home. (pause) A local community group is looking for volunteers to help set up the apartments for those moving in. (pause) Your family decides to help. (pause) You carry in a bed frame and side table. (pause) You also help put together a bookcase. (pause) You even get to pick out some throw pillows for the sofa. (pause) You wonder what else the new tenants will need to feel at home. (pause)

You meet a family that will be moving in next week. (pause) They tell you they have been living in their car while they wait for the shelter to open. (pause) You try to imagine your family living in your car. Where does everyone sleep? (pause) What do you do with all your stuff? (pause)

As you head back to your house, you notice lots of yard signs that say, “No homeless here.” (pause) You wonder why those neighbors are unhappy about the shelter. (pause) You see a few houses with “Welcome neighbors!” signs instead. (pause) You wonder why some people are happy about the new homes. (pause) How do you feel about the shelter? (pause)

Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Open your eyes when you are ready.



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