Guided Meditation for Peacefulness

Stress and anxiety are common occurrences in contemporary family life. Parents and children have a lot to do each day, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Add to the mix ongoing pandemic fears and precautions, and just getting through the day becomes a chore.

Taking a few minutes for guided meditation helps a child (or caregiver)  reset their emotions and find inner peace. They don’t need to be an expert meditator or have a regular meditation routine. They just need a quiet space (or noise cancelling headphones) and a WiFi-enabled device so they can access this podcast or another relaxation meditation resource.

Listen to the podcast for yourself to see how it works and then introduce it to the children in your life who need a way to reclaim some peacefulness in their daily routine.


Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. (pause)
Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Once more, breathe in (pause) and let it out. (pause)

Let’s go for a walk together in your imagination.
Picture a path in front of you. (pause)
Step onto the path and begin walking.
Imagine tall evergreen trees on either side of the path. (pause)
See the red and yellow wildflowers dotted in the grass. (pause)
Feel the sun warm your head. (pause)
Feel a cool breeze brush your arms. (pause)
Soon you come to a scenic lookout.
Walk up to the railing and take a moment to look around.
See the waterfall gliding down the side of the cliff. (pause)
Hear the water gurgle and splash as it hits the rocks below. (pause)
Notice the turtles sunning on a log at the water’s edge. (pause)
Watch as a white egret soars into view and settles in a nearby tree. (pause)

There’s a bench a few feet away.
Take a seat and sit quietly for a moment. (pause)
Breathe in (pause) and out. (pause)
Let the sounds and sights wash over you.
Breathe In (pause) and out. (pause)
Let the beauty of this place calm your spirit.
Breathe In (pause) and out. (pause)

It’s time to go now.
As you stand to leave, notice the pebbles at your feet.
Reach down and pick one up. (pause)
Rub your fingers over its smooth surface. (pause)
Clasp it in your hand and begin walking back up the path. (pause)

When you are ready, open your eyes.
Whenever you feel stress or anxiety returning today,
imagine holding your pebble
and let the peacefulness of this meditation wash over you again.



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