Guided Meditation for Justice Seekers

Children and adults often use guided meditation to help them relax or fall asleep. A soothing voice inviting you to imagine yourself sitting beside a babbling brook or wandering through a lush forest can be both calming and refreshing.

But guided meditations aren’t just for relaxation! They are also great resources for helping children imagine themselves as people who can make a difference.

Listen to the podcast with your child and see if this kind of guided meditation is for you!


Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. (pause)
Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Once more, breathe in (pause) and let it out. (pause)

Listen! Do you hear that? Someone is at the door.
Imagine that you are going to the door to let them in. (pause)
Two of your friends are standing on your doorstep. Who do you imagine standing there? (pause)

Your friends tell you that there is going to be a march in your town today.
They want to make posters for the march.
Imagine getting out supplies to make posters together. What will you use? (pause)
Your friends are wondering what to put on the posters.
What words do you write on your poster? (pause)
What images do you draw? (pause)

Now it’s time to go to the march.
You and your friends gather up your posters and head out the door.
Imagine arriving at the march site. What do you see? (pause)
Join the other marchers and begin walking down the street.
Imagine that other marchers begin to chant. What are they saying? (pause)
You and your friends begin to chant along. How do you feel? (pause)
What do you want to do next? (pause)

It’s time to go home now.
Take a deep breath (pause) and let it out. (pause)
Open your eyes when you are ready.



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