Using Virtual Rooms to Strengthen Community

Over the past year, teachers, therapists, librarians, and others have created virtual rooms with bitmoji to engage children and create connections. These virtual spaces are simple to design (see our 8-step guide below in Related Resources) and can help you nurture the spiritual lives of children by strengthening relationships through storytelling.

Educational researchers Oona Piipponen and Liisa Karlsson have found that when children exchange stories, their relationships move to a different level where every child’s stories influence the group’s shared story. So think of your virtual room as a collaborative space that you build with children. The room should reflect everyone’s personal identities and provide a visual opportunity for children and adults to present their spiritual stories, learn about others’ stories, and craft a shared spiritual narrative.

New to creating virtual spaces for spiritual conversation and community? Try this approach, which can be added to your group’s existing bitmoji room or used to launch a new virtual gathering space.

Spiritual Stories Space

Provide a virtual template, e.g., an empty shelf, cubby, or locker, for each child and adult participant and invite them to fill their area with items significant to their spiritual life. Encourage them to get creative and use images, links, and sounds to provide more details for each item.

Ask participants to consider some of these questions as they gather their items.

  • Who do you look to for guidance or wisdom?
  • Who loves you no matter what?
  • Where do you feel most connected to your self?
  • Where do you feel most peaceful?
  • What items or symbols are important to your spiritual practices?
  • What gives you comfort? What gives you joy?
  • How do you enjoy helping others?
  • What helps you feel centered?

Once they have completed their spaces, they can email them to you for placement in a new bitmoji room or the group’s existing space.

For even more fun together, hold a virtual workshop where children and adults can work synchronously on their spaces and request help as they create. Don’t forget to fill your own space!

Thank you to Austin, Lucy, Gracie, and James for sharing their shelves.



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