Real Kids Real Faith is reimagining how children’s spirituality looks, sounds, and acts in this moment.

Our Vision

Growing up human today means facing big challenges and high expectations. So we’re rethinking how to help children respond creatively to whatever life brings their way.

Children’s spiritual lives don’t come prepackaged, but are stitched together by snuggles on the sofa, tears over a lost lovey, and gaming with friends next door. Their spirituality is also shaped by a parent’s job loss, learning challenges, and allergies that mean nobody else can have peanut butter.

The good, the bad, the really hard – it affects a child’s spirit. And we’ll address it all.

The ideas you’ll find here are research-based, motivated by a desire to see kids flourish in significant ways. This is important work, best done together. We’re glad you’ve joined us.

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Gay Pride Spirituality

It’s Gay Pride Month, and families of all sorts are celebrating diversity. Colorful rainbow flags attract children’s attention and appeal to their sense of fun.

  • Exploring Lightyear with Children

    As long time fans of Toy Story, my children were excited to learn Buzz’s backstory. They watched as Buzz and Alesha diverted their Space Ranger to explore an uncharted planet,

    Exploring Magic Candies with Children

    Imagine a bag of candies with the power to bring your sofa to life and give voice to falling leaves.

  • Building Rapport

    As Covid-19 transmission risks soar again, concerns about the effects of masking and social distancing on relationships also rise.

    Reading Simon and the Big, Bad, Angry Beasts

    Disney’s popular movie, Turning Red, has called attention to how children struggle with big emotions,

  • Modeling Gratitude

    “Thank you.” Two simple words we teach children when they’re small and hope they will use often.

    Giving thanks is one of the most basic spiritual practices a child can learn.

    Celebrating Self-Discovery

    As the regular school year draws to a close, many extracurricular programs also pause for the summer. Teachers and leaders plan celebrations to mark all that children have learned.