Real Kids Real Faith is reimagining how children’s spirituality looks, sounds, and acts in this moment.

Our Vision

Growing up human today means facing big challenges and high expectations. So we’re rethinking how to help children respond creatively to whatever life brings their way.

Children’s spiritual lives don’t come prepackaged, but are stitched together by snuggles on the sofa, tears over a lost lovey, and gaming with friends next door. Their spirituality is also shaped by a parent’s job loss, learning challenges, and allergies that mean nobody else can have peanut butter.

The good, the bad, the really hard – it affects a child’s spirit. And we’ll address it all.

The ideas you’ll find here are research-based, motivated by a desire to see kids flourish in significant ways. This is important work, best done together. We’re glad you’ve joined us.

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Developing Patience

“How many more days, mom? How many more?” Every December, my kids would be hyper-charged with excitement for the winter holidays.

  • Exploring Emotions with The Coat

    Hand-me-downs can be a dreaded necessity or longed-for acquisition. I remember being crestfallen when a neighbor passed down her daughter’s no-longer-fashionable clothes.

    Celebrating Native American Heritage

    When I was growing up, November was a month filled with images of ‘pilgrims’ and ‘Indians’ sharing a traditional meal of turkey,

  • Cultivating Intellectual Humility

    “Saying something doesn’t make it so.” My grandmother would issue this reminder whenever my siblings or I would try to insist that having another cookie wouldn’t ruin our dinner or that pulling weeds was bad for our backs.

    Wakanda Spirituality

    How do you create a Black Panther sequel without the Black Panther? Chadwick Boseman’s death made it difficult for my children to imagine what might happen next in a movie series that had lost its signature superhero.

  • Why Kids Need Silence

    As a parent, I used to be suspicious of silence. If I wasn’t hearing sounds from the next room,

    Taylor Swift Spirituality

    With her latest album sweeping the top 10 slots on Billboard’s Top 100 – a first for any artist –