Real Kids Real Faith is reimagining how children’s spirituality looks, sounds, and acts in this moment.

Our Vision

Growing up human today means facing big challenges and high expectations. So we’re rethinking how to help children respond creatively to whatever life brings their way.

Children’s spiritual lives don’t come prepackaged, but are stitched together by snuggles on the sofa, tears over a lost lovey, and gaming with friends next door. Their spirituality is also shaped by a parent’s job loss, learning challenges, and allergies that mean nobody else can have peanut butter.

The good, the bad, the really hard – it affects a child’s spirit. And we’ll address it all.

The ideas you’ll find here are research-based, motivated by a desire to see kids flourish in significant ways. This is important work, best done together. We’re glad you’ve joined us.

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Taking Flight with The Year We Learned to Fly

Cultural and spiritual heritages are often passed on to new generations through stories and teachings by elders. Knowing this,

  • Emoji Spirituality

    Kids love emojis. As fun visual substitutes for words, they help children share how they’re feeling and communicate ideas.

    Project-Based Spirituality

    A few years ago, my children’s school decided to sponsor two Habitat for Humanity home builds. The actual construction happened in the spring,

  • Mindful Art

    Self-awareness and emotional regulation are spiritual skills that every child needs. Research shows that art activities can be powerful tools for supporting these skills.

    Taming Anxiety

    One of my children goes quiet when she’s anxious. Another talks incessantly and blows up when he gets overwhelmed.

  • Reading A Duet for Home

    What can children do about a situation that seems unfair or unjust? How can they be allies? These are two of the questions that Karina Yan Glaser explores in her new novel,

    Books for Earth Day

    Every year on April 22, more than a billion people take time to reflect on the earth and its importance for human wellbeing.